Sealevel's Fabrication Division Receives 5 AISC Certifications

September 28, 2021
Structural Fabrication

[October 4, 2021—Thibodaux, La] Sealevel Construction is proud to announce that their fabrication facility, Specks Fabrication and Cutting, received five American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) fabrication certifications and endorsements:
• Building Fabricator (BU)
• Bridge Fabricator (IBR)
• Hydraulic Metal Structure Fabricator (HYD)
• Sophisticated Paint Endorsement- Covered (P2)
• and Fracture Critical Endorsement (FCE)

Fabrication Division Manager Jacob Rahm said, “With these AISC certifications, we will be able to expand our bidding capabilities, broaden our customer base, and take on much larger projects. These endorsements will also allow us to increase productivity and further enhance our quality management systems and processes for all fabricated infrastructure and coating systems.”

These certifications also show that Specks has the workforce, technology, experience, procedures and overall commitment to perform quality fabrication services.

While each certified facility holds a different variety of endorsements, Specks is the only fabrication facility in Louisiana with five certifications and one of three facilities in relation to the Gulf Coast States. Specks is also the only facility in Louisiana that has obtained the Hydraulic Metal Structure Fabricator with the Fracture Critical Endorsement and is one of four in relation to the Gulf Coast States.

President of Sealevel Construction Richard Roth said, “I am immensely proud of our fabrication team. Within the last decade, we went from welding small portions of fabrication projects to completing the cutting, fabrication and coating for large infrastructure projects. Now with these AISC certifications and endorsements, we look forward to growing our cutting and fabrication division, deepening our footprint in the industry and providing more opportunities for our employees.”

Located in Thibodaux, La, Specks completes large-scale, turn-key projects by utilizing their advanced cutting technology, team of certified welders, and advanced coating systems.

For instance, Specks’ largest project to date was the Jacket Receiving Structures for the Bayou Chene Flood Control Structure in Amelia, La. The set of jackets, each weighing 400 tons, measure at 173’ x 40’ x 36’. Specks was able to cut, fabricate and coat both structures ahead of schedule, under budget and with zero safety incidents.

Specks also performs a variety of other projects including: sluice gates frames, miter gates, discharge pipes, electrical racks, walkways, handrails, skids, lifting frames, H-piles and Y-piles, piping and pipe stands, and field installation.

Furthermore, Specks utilizes their affiliated marine facility, Eagle Drydock and Marine Services, to assemble large hydraulic projects that require barge transportation.

To aid their fabrication processes, Specks uses the following cutting equipment: PythonX Robotic Plasma Cutter, EMI Pipe Processor, Messer Cutting Table, an HGG Pro Cutter, Hymech Band Saw and a GEKA cutting machine. For more information about Specks’ cutting technology, please visit their website:

Robotics Manager Brandon Barrilleaux said, “All of our robotics have the cutting capabilities to process all structural shapes and grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Our cutting technology allows us to diversify our services and complete jobs in a fraction of the time, all while maintaining precise processing and minimizing rework to almost zero.”

Since recently obtaining their certifications, the Specks team has already begun taking steps to acquire other AISC certifications in an effort to further their mission of providing quality fabricated infrastructure for the Gulf Coast States.

Quality Control Manager Joan Lirette said, “Our team is beyond thrilled to achieve these certifications, and we look forward to the opportunities we will now be able to capitalize on.”

For more information about Specks, please visit Specks’ website:

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