Bubba Dove Floodgate Emergency Repairs


Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District


GIS Engineering

Date of Completion

June 1, 2022

General Contractor

Sealevel Construction

Project Overview

Hurricane Ida was an unprecedented storm event that caused a considerable amount of destruction in Southeast Louisiana. Sealevel took quick action to repair several damaged flood control structures in its wake, including the HNC’s Bubba Dove Floodgate. The floodgate required emergency repairs, including:

  • Replacement of the barge’s outer shell plate in damaged areas
  • Installation of (4) new locking pins – 9-5/8” diameter x 3’-3” long
  • Replacement of the barge’s side plate
  • Reattachment of the pivot arm to the barge
  • Repairs to the generator, hydraulic pumps, winch system and electrical components
  • Replacement of the cut-off wall’s damaged cap plates

Upon completion of these initial repairs, Sealevel returned the barge gate to the Houma Navigational Canal(HNC) for the remainder of hurricane season. Sealevel then towed the barge gate back to its marine yard, Eagle Drydock and Marine Services, for additional modifications including the:

  • Addition of internal locking pin frames using W18 x 175 and W8 x 28 beam and 24” steel plate and channel
  • Installation of (4) new locking pins – 9-5/8” diameter x 3’-3” long
  • Installation of (3) 42” x 3/4” half pipes behind pivot arm
  • Additional repairs and maintenance work to hydraulics, pumps, engine system and electrical components
  • Replacement of barge’s bottom shell and horizontal and vertical seals

Meanwhile on site, Sealevel’s team worked to modify the existing receiving sockets located on the structure. Modifications included the installation of 6’ x 5’ x 2” steel plates on the top and bottom of each receiving socket for additional structural support. Sealevel was required to fabricate and install a 7′ x 12′ x 10′ x 23′ cofferdam to access the bottom sockets -14.75 feet below the water’s surface.

This project was unique for Sealevel in that it required emergency, quick-turnaround repair work in the midst of our community recovering from an arguable Category 5 hurricane. Due to the hurricane, Sealevel encountered challenges with project staffing, limited communication channels, material procurement, and unfavorable work conditions. The team, however, defeated those challenges by utilizing their resources and proposing alternative solutions for the safety and ease of the project. With a combined effort of 13,837 man-hours, Sealevel and its affiliate companies self-performed nearly 95% of the work and completed both phases within 11 months and with zero safety incidents. Sealevel’s management notes that their team stayed the course, payed close attention to detail and performed the required work with integrity.