Falgout Canal Flood Control Structure


Terrebonne Levee and Conservation District


Grand Isle Shipyard, Inc.

Date of Completion

June 1, 2019

General Contractor

Sealevel Construction

Project Overview

The Falgout Canal Flood Control Structure included the construction and installation of vertical and horizontal wick drains, earthen levees, a reinforced steel sheet pile flood wall, an underwater landing truss support system, a sheet pile cut-off wall and an automated barge gate that stands 40′ tall and 190′ wide. The barge gate closes to prevent storm surge from flooding areas within the levee protection system. When closed, the complete structure provides 1025 linear feet of flood protection up to an elevation of +18 feet. When not in use, the barge gate remains open for marine access, and it sits on (20) 24′ x 99′ steel pipe piles driven to an elevation of -10.08′.