Sealevel Awarded EIC Award for Citgo Project

November 4, 2020
Structural Concrete

Sealevel Construction was awarded ABC Houston’s Excellence in Construction Merit award for Citgo’s Clifton Ridge Terminal Fire Protection Improvements project. Subcontracted by Benton’s Equipment and Construction, Sealevel self-performed all foundation work including the installation of a cofferdam, drafting pit, flared headwall, retaining wall, guard post bollards, concrete slab, and a boat ramp.

The project consisted of 220 cubic yards of concrete and 17 tons of rebar. More structure features included:

  • 110’ x 30’ cofferdam
  • 16’ x 7’ x 18’ drafting pit
  • (2) 12” x 45’ pipe piles
  • 15’ x 1.5’ x 6 flared headwall
  • 50’ x 6’ of retaining wall
  • (4) guard post bollards
  • 2,200 square feet of concrete paving
  • 130 linear feet of curb
  • 20’ x 45’ x 8” boat ramp

Though Sealevel experienced challenging conditions, change orders and rain delays, the team completed this multi-faceted project ahead of schedule, under budget and with zero lost-time incidents.

Congratulations to our team on a job well done.

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